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China Digital Conference

20 Oct, Bris | 22 Oct, Mel | 24 Oct, Syd

The premier conference within the Chinese digital space, China Digital Conference 2014 provides attendees with exclusive opportunities to gain the latest information and trends in doing business in the China digital market. The importance of Chinese consumers to Australian business has never been higher, with China recently becoming Australia’s No.1 trading partner, however in order to effectively attract

and create relationships with Chinese consumers, Australian companies need to formulate and/or refine their digital strategy.

China Digital Conference covers a wide range of topics to help your company attain an effective digital strategy including; E-Commerce & Distribution, Social Media strategies and Formulating a Mobile Platform.

Why Attend

  • Be inspired by market leaders in Chinese digital strategy
  • Industry specific presentations
  • Insights from Chinese E-Commerce giants Alibaba
  • The latest trends and opportunities in Chinese social media from Tencent
  • Case studies on online marketing to your Chinese consumers
  • Network with delegates and VIP’s connected in the Chinese digital space
  • SEO strategies from China’s most used Search Engine-Baidu

Inspired by China Experts & Market Leaders

Mark Tanner China Digital Conference 2014 Moderator

Nina Kubic-Cheng Senior Vice President , Dragon Trail Interactive

Steve Shen Country Manager of Australia & New Zealand Alipay

Dr Mathew Mcdougall Founder & CEO, Digital Jungle

Charles Thompson General Manager International & Partner Sales, Australia Post |StarTrack Express

Ben Franzi GM Sales, Global eCommerce Platforms, Australia Post